About AndroidContext

Hi. I’m Ay Kay. Thanks for dropping by and welcome to AndroidContext. This blog is about me expressing myself and one of my passions – the Android ecosystem and everything about it and in its context – hence the name AndroidContext.

I first jumped on to the Android bandwagon in 2009 when I bought a Sony Xperia X1i smartphone. As those of you who have used this revolutionary smarphone know, it was a powerful phone but with a buggy and unsatisfactory OS – the Windows Mobile 6.1 that it shipped with did not do any justice to its capabilities. At that time, I was already a member of xda-developers forum where we were constantly tweaking the stock ROM to make custom ROMS that could improve the performance of the X1i.

It was then that the XDAndroid project on XDA-developers started which sought to bring Android to devices which were running Windows mobile. These devices were predomnantly from HTC (Raphael, Kovsky (X1i), etc). The talented developers managed to build Android ROMS which could be booted either from NAND or the SD card. At the beginning we were using Android 1.6 Donut, then progressed to Eclair, Gingerbread – each iteration impressed me more and convinced me to buy an Android phone once my 24 month marriage with the X1i expired. When that time came I bought a Sony Live With Walkman phone, which was a pure Android phone running Gingerbread but was later upgradable to ICS. The user experience was impressive and miles apart from what I had ever seen before.

My interest in the hardware of phones then branched out into the software aspect of Android – app development – which culminated in me publishing an Android game called Tsoro. I published Tsoro in May 2o12 and since then I am working on new projects based on hardware interfacing. I also enjoy writing and sharing what any new things that I have learnt which might help others. That is why I decide to start this AndroidContext site and blog.

AndroidContext is my way of sharing my journey of discovery and progress in the context of Android.