Galaxy Note 4 fingerprint sensor upgrade? How Samsung could improve customer loyalty

Samsung’s 2014 flagship the Galaxy Note 4’s fingerprint sensor was the aspect of the phone which tarnished the flagship’s awesome image and prevented it from getting close to a perfect score from reviewers. This is because of the cumbersome swipe on the home button with the thumb or finger that […]

Google announces Android Wear smartwatches

The year 2014 is definitely turning out to be the year of wearable technology as predicted by many tech pundits. Google has announced its own wearable product range aptly dubbed Android Wear. News of the launch was brought to my attention by a tweet from Sundar Pichai who is the¬†senior […]

Google Now cricket scores finally included!

Google Now cricket scores have finally been included in the latest version of the Google Search app. The update was pushed out a few hours ago and includes the following additional changes acording to its changelog on Google Play: “For Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean): – Traffic incidents on your route […]

Are you unwittingly using Viber location sharing?

While using Viber for Android, I noticed that some of my contacts had the location ballon next to each message that they sent. When I asked one contact something about where he was, he was really puzzled at how I was able to tell where he was without him telling […]

Android Device Manager now standalone app

Google yesterday released the Android Device Manager service as a standalone app on the Google Play Store. Android Device Manager is an app that can be used to locate, lock and/or rest a lost Android phone. Prior to this release, Android Device Manager was only available as a web-based service. […]

Is Google delving into the food market with KitKat partnership?

Is Google delving into the food market with the KitKat partnership?¬†Google recently announced their partnership with KitKat(R) for their next version of Android – Android 4.4 KitKat. As early as last year, the rumour mill had it that the next version of Android after Jellybean would be called Key Lime […]