This is a list of my most highy recommended resources which I personally use and have directly benefitted the  AndroidContext blog in some way. I have shared them in the hope that it might also be a useful list for you – whether you just want to find more information on a particular theme or you want to become an active participant by starting your own blog and sharing what you know. I will be updating this list regularly whenever I find other useful resources.

Please note that some of the links for commerical products that I will be sharing are affiliate links, which means that I earn a small commission if you decide to purchase the product. However, I will only recommend products that I have used myself and which I have no hesitation to fully recommend. If it i a product that you feel you do not need, please do not spend any money on it.

Android Developer Website


design_elements_landingThe Android Developer Website is an incredibly vast source of information on anything related to Android that you can imagine. It is updated very frequently, especially when a new Android OS version is released. The three main sections of the webite are:

Design, where you learn how to design your own Android app

Develop, where you learn the ins and outs of developing an Android app

Publish, which guides you through the steps necessary to publish your finished product that you designed and developed.

Check it out. The amont of information available might look overwhelming at first, but you do not have to read all the infirmation sequencially. You can always use the intuitive search box to jump to the topic that you might be interested in at that moment. I highly recommend the Android Developer Website for all the official resources (straight from Google) that you would need to start developing your own mobile apps. It is also useful if you are just interested in the latest changes to the Android OS. Click this link or the image on the left to go directly to the Android Developer Website.



GSMArena – Mobile phone database


   GSMArena logoGSMArena has the most extensive database of mobile phones on the internet. It is an absolute must-go-to site for anyone wanting to find out the specs of a phone before buying it. There           you can also compare phones before biting the bullet and buying one. They also have the latest information on upcoming mobile phones to the extent that they sometimes have rumoured         specs for a phone 6 months before the phone is released which turn out to be almost accurate when the phone is released. I highly recommend this website for all the information you           might need about the hardware specifications of any brand of mobile phone that you might think of. Click this link or the image on the left to go directly to the GSMArena website.



Bluehost -set up a fully functioning website within 20 minutes


      Bluehost has been exclusively my web host of choice for all my websites. They have a very reliable server uptime and are always ready to assist customers via a free hotline or online chat         24/7. If you would like to start your own website or blog then I highly  recommend them. What I like most about Bluehost is that when you sign up, get your domain name, and have a       blog/website that is ready to run within 20 minutes because of their 1-click WordPress installation system. You can also add multiple domains to the same hosting account which is a                   bonus. Bluehost is running a special offer at the moment where you can get a bargain of a deal. Click this link or the image on the left to go directly to Bluehost for this special offer. You           won’t be disappointed.



Stack Overflow

so-logoStack Overflow is a very useful source of information for anyone who would like to become a programmer or app developer. Here you can ask all types of questions related to programmimg and you are guaranteed an answer that will lead you to a solution to any problem that you might have. Like any community, it is also a good place to share what you know by contributing answers. You can also network with other like-minded people and they also have a section with career opportunities related to programming.  Click this link or the image on the left to go directly to the GSMArena website. This was by far the best find for my app development career.


I will update this page regularly so please check it regularly for the latest additions.